Marriage Equality Is God’s Wish

Marriage Equality Is God’s Wish
August 19, 2017 No Comments » Australia, Opinion, Same Sex Marriage, sexuality Rev Dr Robert

Marriage Equality Postal Vote

Australia is about to suffer a Marriage Equality Postal Vote because too many of our politicians are afraid, or too bigoted to step forward and recognise the basic right to Marriage Equality.

God Bestowed the Gift of Sexuality

When God made mankind, he bestowed the gift of sexuality. His gift is that some are heterosexual, others homosexual, others bisexual, and yet others do not identify to a specific sexuality. All are normal and share God’s gift of attraction, and yes, sexual enjoyment. God gifted mankind with the mind, and the senses to enjoy sex in all its forms

Established Abrahamic Churches Twisting God’s Intent

The greatest impediment to recognition of God’s gift of sexuality is the overwhelming opposition from established Abrahamic churches.The main Abrahamic churches, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in their scriptures, The Tanakh, Bible (especially Old Testament) and Quan, all vilify any form of sexuality other than heterosexual. We should remember these same scriptures condemn women to a second class citizenship, and these same churches established marriage, not as God’s will, as they claim, but as a form of ownership. For the established churches, any marriage outside of a man and a woman threatens that ownership, and the positioning of women at the feet of men. Remember, these same religions once used Scripture to support slavery, fight against women having the vote, and to ban mixed marriage.

Modern Marriage is Based on love and Respect

Today most people marry through love and respect, rather than the old dominance and ownership of the Scriptures. Love and respect are true to God’s will and knows no boundaries of sexuality. It is true to God’s will that there should be Marriage Equality. For those who choose not to believe in God, Marriage Equality should be based on the simple belief of universal equality regardless of Race, religion, sex or sexuality.

Australians, Vote ‘Yes’ For Marriage Equality

Though some say the Church should stay out of politics, the fact that the dominant religions are focussing their efforts mobilising their congregations on preventing any equality, demands that all thinking people, regardless of faith, stand firmly and loudly in support of true equality in all forms, including Marriage Equality.

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