Our Simple Message

Welcome to The Church of Heaven On Earth. Our message is simple. For most of religious history, all religions based on the principles of one God have twisted God's message to empower religious and political leaders and to subjugate the majority of believers. Their message has twisted the glory of God's existence into an ongoing perversion, designed to concentrate power in the hands of the few and to demonize any who dare think for themselves. A part of that perversion is their promise if we follow only their rules we may experience heaven after we die. Our simple message is. God blessed mankind with incredible gifts of intelligence, skill, emotion, and senses that enable us to choose Heaven On Earth, during our own lifetime. That is God's gift to us. We can choose to live and experience Heaven On Earth, or through our, or other's choices, suffer Hell On Earth. In our messages to you, we shall show the truth of Heaven On Earth, and how to enjoy that Heavenly Experience throughout your life.